Shek Man Tang

Senior Product Designer passionate about solving user and business problems through digital products. Currently working at Shopify, previously at Indeed Tokyo, Intercom.


2018 — 2020

I worked on the Company Pages team that help job seekers learn about a company when they're considering to apply.

I helped the team level up the user experience of the Employer side of the product, led the design of the long term product visions. Some of the high impact projects include:

  • Improved profile editor that help employers create and edit branding content of their profile.
  • Improved analytics that help employers better understand the ROI of their branding effort.
  • A cross-teams design sprint to develop a long term product vision to address the needs of small-medium business.

Case studies

Company profile editor

A tool for helping employers create and manage their branding content.

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SMB Branding design sprint

Rethink how we might help small-medium business convey their brand messages

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Improving the write-a-review experience

Creating a more honest experience to ask users to write a company review.

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2013 — 2018

I joined Intercom when it was a 30 people startup. I was fortunate to be part of its exciting growth to now a 500+ people company.

As the first Product Designer hire, I shipped many product improvements during the early years. Later I delivered end-to-end product design for large projects such as Educate, Operator and App Store.

Case studies


iQ Content

2011 — 2013

After graduating, I landed a job at iQ Content (now rebranded as Each&Other) to begin my design career. Working in a design consultancy environment, I partnered with other UX strategists to help clients across government, bank and insurance sectors to deliver digital solutions.

Online banking kiosk

AIB was bringing digital transformation to their local branches. I designed the flows and UI for the kiosk online banking service.

Conducted contextual enquiry to observe the environmental considerations.

Produced a set of design principles to guide further interaction design decisions.

Prototyped the key flows on the actual kiosk device, conducted user testing of the touch screen experience.

Driving test tablet app

To replace paperwork and shorten the driving test results turn-around time, the National Road Safety Authority hired us to design and build an application for driver test officers to conduct driving tests with a tablet device.
Fun fact: This application was used during my own driving test!

Conducted stakeholder interviews and in-context research where we sat in and observed a simulation of a driving test. Mapped out the complete journey of current and proposed new process.

Used storyboard to develop conceptual design and communicate how the new process may look like.

Produced on-device prototype and brought it to test. We then learned that the screen was too bright and can cause distractions to the driver. The next iteration introduced a dark mode to address this problem.

Insurance quotation flow

We helped Liberty Insurance redesign their car insurance quotation flow with the primary goal to increase online conversions.

Conducted usability evaluation of the current quotation flow. Worked with stakeholders to prioritise and eliminate unnecessary form fields.

Produced a rapid responsive HTML prototype that helped to get stakeholders alignments.

Launched the redesign live in production and increased online conversions.

About me

When tackling product and design problems, I like to approach with a holistic view to consider the overall system, think about the long term design direction, break problems down into smaller parts, exhaustively explore options, prototype and validate hypothesis through testing and data.
I’m most motivated when I see people using the design that I worked on to achieve their goals.

Outside of my life as a designer, I like to explore new places and do a bit of beginner-level landscape photography.

I'm always open to meet people and chat all things about design, products and startups. Feel free to reach out to me @shekman on Twitter or by email shekman.tang[at]