Hello, I'm Shek

Senior Product Designer at Shopify.
Former designer at Indeed, Intercom.
8 Years of exeperience in designing and launching successful products from zero to one.
I love collaborate with product partners and balance user needs with business goals when designing digitial products
🇯🇵 Moved to Japan since 2018. I enjoy learning the culture and the naunces in Japanese design
Design portfolio of Shek Man Tang | Senior Product Designer at Shopify


2020 - Present

Designing products that help merchants find buyers through partner channels and marketplaces. I help ensuring merchants can easily onboarded to the channels and buyers have an optimal purchase experience.


2018 — 2020

Designed product improvements and strategy for the Company Pages product that 1. help job seekers learn about a company when they're considering to apply; 2. help employers communicate their brand to attract job seekers.

Helped to grow the design team by mentoring peer designers, sharing and influrencing design practices.


2013 — 2018

First product design hire when it was a 30 people startup.
Shipped many product improvements as well as delivered end-to-end product design for large projects such as Educate, Operator and App Store.

Case studies


A bit more about me 🤓

When tackling product and design problems, I like to approach with a holistic view to consider the overall system, think about the long term design direction, break problems down into smaller parts, exhaustively explore options, prototype and validate hypothesis through testing and data.
I’m most motivated when I see people using the design that I worked on to achieve their goals.

Outside of work, I love to explore the outdoor with my partner and our dog.

I'm always open to meet people and chat all things about design, products and startups. Feel free to reach out to me @shekman on Twitter or by email shekman.tang[at]gmail.com